Newsletter operators are excitedGet subscribersfrom Twitter to your Newsletter platform

Your Twitter profile can contain a subscribe button for your newsletter. Get Their Click adds the subscribers to your favourite newsletter writing platform, automatically.

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The easy way to get more subscribersLet them sign up directly from Twitter

Twitter has their own newsletter platform called Revue. People can sign up to it with a single click on a button, on your Twitter profile. But what if you're not on Revue but e.g. on ConvertKit?

How authors currently solve that problem

Today authors are attempting to solve this problem by import and export, downloading CSV files from Revue and uploading them into ConvertKit. Or they cobble together some solution using automation tools.

That's not good enough

Taking care of these import/export tasks is time-consuming and frustrating. You want to get subscribers with one click, but you don't want to be forced to take care of Revue, right?

A perfect solution would look like this

In a perfect world, a machine would take care of the nitty-gritty details and simply transfer your subscribers from Revue to your favourite newsletter platform. Fully automated and hands-off, so you can trust it.

Introducing Get Their Click

Get Their Click is an exciting new tool that connects you to more email subscribers by allowing Twitter users to sign up for your newsletter in a single click.

Sending tweets is quick and easy. Getting someone's email address isn't.

With Get Their Click, it takes just a few seconds to add your API keys of Revue and ConvertKit, and BOOM: Our system will automatically copy the email address of anyone who clicks on the Subscribe button on your Twitter profile, and add them to ConvertKit.

It repeatedly copies the latest subscribers every hour, around the clock.

Support for other target platforms besides ConvertKit is in the works. It will depend on popular demand which ones we support first.

What you should do right now:

  1. Create a free account on Get Their Click
  2. Add both your your Revue account and your ConvertKit account
  3. Create a connection between them
  4. Start the connection and watch the subscribers come in!